SUPERDANNY 9.8ft Surge Protector Power Strip Wood Grain Desktop Charging Station Extension Cord 3 Outlet 2 USB Fire-Retardant with Fastening Cable Tie for iPhone iPad Computer Home Office -

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Product description

SUPERDANNY USB surge protector power strip

SUPERDANNY is a newborn brand, we are still in the early stage. In order to build a brand that is worthy of everyone’s trust, make it famous for its excellent products, we carefully investigate the needs of consumers and strive to make our product better match customers’ needs.

We are convinced that our high-quality products and your trust can help us thrive!

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Over Heated Protection







Fire Resistant Rating

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

UL94 V-0 (The highest fire proof level)

Surge Protector


ON/OFF Switch

AC Current







Total USB Current






wood look wood gain wood color power strip

SUPPERDANNY focuses on every detail to make each customer’s life more convenient, safe, and beautiful.

multiple protection power outlet
surge protector lightning proof power bar

When Thunder Appears

You are burying yourself in your work on a workday afternoon, and suddenly you are interrupted by the thunder. You suddenly realize that you forgot to unplug all the devices. You were very anxious because the electronic devices might be damaged by such horrible thunder. You’re not in the mood to work, but you can’t go home and check.

  • Rumbling thunder

  • Valuable electronic devices

  • Damage & worry

Safety Ensured with Multiple Protection

So, You Need a SUPERDANNY Surge Protector Power Strip.

  • 2-in-1 Power/Reset Switch

There is an internal surge protector plus a 2-in-1 power/ reset switch beside the cord, which will automatically off if there is a surge or lightning. Also off when it’s overloaded, over-current, or over-heated. Later, you need to press the switch and reset it.

  • LED Indicator

There is a LED indicator that will flash if it’s nearly overloaded. So you can unplug all your devices at this moment to protect.

  • Internal Electric Surge Protector

  • Lightning Surge Protection

  • Overload Protection

  • Over-current Protection

  • Over-charging Protection
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More Details

9.8ft extension cord heavy duty

right angle plug angled plug 90 angle plug flat plug

cable tie fastening tie power hub

high quality power station

Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This wood grain power outlet produces with 18 AWG Pure Copper Core. It has good electrical conductivity and heat dissipation capability.

Right Angle Plug – Flexible

This indoor electrical socket is a flat plug. Making it possible for you to connect this 3 outlet charging station to a wall outlet at a narrow spot such as behind the furniture.

Hook & Loop Fastener – Neat

In order to help you organize this nearly 10ft extension strip better, we offer a hook & loop fastener as a gift. Saving you money on extra cable ties.

Sheath Protector – Durable

Using a high-quality PVC material sheath protector, this circuit breaker with USB port is firmer than others. Making the extension cord not easily torn apart.

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The Special Walnut Grain Finished Power Strip Can Perfectly Match Your Wood Grain Furniture

indoor power outlet with USB

office business gift extension cord with USB

bedroom surge protector power strip

universal outlet extender surge protector

Living Room

Best Decoration Choice. This wood power extender will be a great help in your living room. With this functional and decorative surge protection multi-outlet, you can power your TV, stereo, humidifier, air purifier, and sweeping robot.


Meeting your different needs in the office.With 3 wide-spaced outlets and 2 high-speed USB charging ports, this 3-prong electrical socket can expand 1 wall outlet into 5. You can use laptops, tablets, and phones at the same time.


Perfect fit in the bedroom.You can place this flat plug power strip with USB on your bedside table to charge your iPhone, iPad, bedside lamp, anti-mosquito lamp, or any other electrical devices in your room.


Multi-functional wood-look desktop charger.With high-speed USB charging ports, this slim power bar would not take up any space. It’s suited for study. You can use your laptop, tablet, and phone at the same time.

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