Tetra Whisper ATS26170 Assembled Bio-Bag Filter Cartridges, Large 3 Count -

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  • Large, 6-Count (2 pack of 3-Count)
  • Conveniently Assembled and Ready-to-Use, Easy to Assemble, Easy to Replace
  • Keeps water crystal clear.
  • Mesh Catches Debris And Fish Waste. Removes odors and discoloration.
  • Fits whisper power filters 20i,40i, c,20,30,40, and 60.

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Tetra Whisper ATS26170 Assembled Bio-Bag Filter Cartridges, Large 3 Count

From the manufacturer

Tetra(R) My Aquarium App

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Tetra(R) Stay Clean(TM) Bio-Bag(R) Cartridges

Medium Assembled 1 pk

Keeping a clean and clear aquarium can be daunting. That’s why Tetra(R) brand created Stay Clean filter technology for easier maintenance and healthier fish. The integrated design gives you a Stay Clean tablet with time release design, leaving you with healthier water and cleaner glass.

  • water clarifier

  • active cleaning

  • easier maintenance

  • integrated design

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Why Tetra(R) brand?

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Stay Clean Technology

Water Clarifier: binds small dirt particles which are easier to filter.

Active Cleaning: reduces buildup on glass.

Easier Maintenance: stable water helps prevent pH crashes.

Integrated Design: molded tablet with time release design.

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Tetra(R) Whisper(R) IQ 10

Tetra(R) Hidden LED Stick Tetra(R) White Anemone

Trust your tank to Tetra

Filter for 10 gallon aquariums

Brilliant white aquarium light

Designed to look like a real anemone

Find all the essentials

Uses Medium StayClean Filter Cartridges

illuminates tanks up to 15 gallons

Blooming collection

Fishkeeping success

105 GPH Motor

Compact and hidden feature

Easy to clean

Product description

Size:6 Count

For the ultimate in convenience, choose assembled Whisper bio-bag cartridges. Like the unassembled, the packages are color-coded, making it easier than ever to remember which size to purchase.


6 Count

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